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How You Can Help

"Charity is simply not enough. No matter how many schools you build, wells you dig, and trees you plant, if there is no foundation of respect for human rights on the community and national-level, no progress can be made in creating substantive change for the world’s most disadvantaged communities. Much has been done but much remains to be done. Poverty, unemployment, and lack of supports remain. Sadly, new barriers are being created. Going forward FOP will have less support from the Government of Pakistan and we must find other ways to support our mandate to improve the status of persons with disabilities. Every day, more and more families are reaching out to us for support. Your donation supports our vision of a socially just, accessible and inclusive community, in which the human rights, citizenship, contribution, potential and diversity of all people with disability are respected and celebrated." "Consider supporting Friends of Paraplegics (FOP) today for when you do, you will be helping people with a disability to change and improve so many parts of their lives, from building confidence, reducing loneliness, improving fitness and escaping isolation or depression. All these benefits have given hundreds of our members the chance to improve the way they live their lives and to starting learning how to take control of their futures. You could be a part of that and know that your support immediately starts making an impact on the life of a person in real need." "We are of and for people with disability and work to secure equal rights and access for everyone."

Bank Details:

  • Bank: Sindh Bank Hayatabad Branch
  • Branch Code: 8063
  • Title of Account: FRIENDS OF PARAPLEGICS
  • Account No: PK30SIND0008063715916100
  • Branch Address: Sindh Bank Limited Hayatabad Branch, Peshawar