About Accessible Pakistan

For the first time in Pakistan,”Friends of Paraplegics” launches the unique concept of Accessible Pakistan through Android & IOS applications and website, supported under the Micro Project scheme of Federal Republic of Germany. It focuses on inclusion of persons with disabilities through highlighting universal acceptability and building bylaws. This application helps online identification of accessible spots/services for persons with disabilities and old aged citizen.

Additional features of “on-the-spot location suggestion”by visiting users have been added to help users suggest an accessible place,thus enabling users to share their experience and ensure accessibility under building codes with the help of local authorities.Data provided against user identified accessible places will be analysed for exactness and will be uploaded with more details for common users to get information on their fingertips.

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Accessible Pakistan Project with German Embassy

Civil secretariat KPK

Bus Rapid Transport Service (BRT) Peshawar

MoU with University of Peshawar

National Highways & Motorways Accessibility

United Bank Limited Accessibility